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Multi-Grain Atta

Multi-Grain Atta
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Multi-Grain Atta

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Multi-Grain Atta gives you the complete nutrition required for good health. Its nutritive value is more than that of single-grain flour like wheat. It is packed with essential nutrients available from wheat, jowar, oats, bajra, soya-bean etc. Studies have proven that multigrain atta is great for the human digestive system. Nutritious, wholesome and loaded with fibres, multigrain atta is just what your digestive system needs for better metabolism.

The blend of Multi-Grain Atta that Chakkizza offers has a very specific composition of grains to make chapatis out of it. It is fairly fine in texture and can be kneaded to make chapatis instead of bhakris just as you like it.

Ingredients per 1000 gm
Soya50 gm
Oats35 gm
Jowar20 gm
Bajra20 gm
Super Sharbati Wheat875 gm