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You may place an order
1. from our website or the mobile app.
2. by visiting our stores.
3. by calling us on +91 9090 101005.
4. through whatsapp +91 9090 101005.
Note: Only guest checkout is available on the website. Please download our mobile app for a seamless experience.
For registered users: Check and refresh ‘My Orders’ section from the menu in the mobile app.
For guest users: We send you an email and SMS notification whenever the order is created or updated. Please ensure that you provide the correct email id and mobile number.
For online payments please wait for a few minutes in case you do not get the confirmation as there might be confirmation delays from the payment gateway.
We do send an email, SMS and push notification whenever the order is created or updated.
You can navigate to the ‘My Orders’ section of the mobile app to check the status of your order and other order related details.
We currently do not allow cancellation of orders once placed.

If you have any complaints about the quality of the products, we request you to reach out to us on +919090101005 or [email protected] within 3 days from the delivery of the products. Our customer support team will help you with quick resolution of the issue.


If you order before the cut-off time any day, then you will get the delivery the next day. If you order after the cut-off time on any day, then the delivery will be done on the second day from the order date.
Chakkizza is an online platform for the Chakkis(Flour Mills), we need to consider their availability. As per the Chakki Unions, most of the Chakkis remain closed on Thursday. So we cannot guarantee delivery of orders placed on Wednesday or on Tuesday after the cut-off time to be delivered on Thursdays. Thus, all such orders will be delivered on Fridays.
We guarantee next day delivery. However, there is no specific time when your order will be delivered. It can be anytime between 7 am to 10 pm. We do send emails in the morning to communicate the tentative delivery time of the order. However, sometimes due to any unforeseen situations it may get delayed. You will be notified in such cases. Your co-operation in such incidences will be highly appreciated. For any urgent requirements, you may email us via the contact us section in the mobile app. Although we cannot guarantee express delivery all the time, we will try our level best to deliver your order as soon as possible.
You can let us know about your unavailability as soon as possible via the contact us section in the mobile app. We will attempt the delivery as per your guidelines. Or in case of no communication, we will reattempt the delivery once before we void the order. No refunds will be processed for voided orders.


Multi-Grain Atta comprises Wheat(875gm), Oats(35gm), Soya(50gm), Jowar(20gm) and Bajra(20gm). This is one of the healthy options as our average daily diet does not include all these ingredients which are full of essential nutrients. This composition will not change the colour of multigrain atta significantly since all the ingredients are whitish in colour.
No, we do not add any preservatives, nor do we process the grains chemically. We simply follow the traditional process of getting the grains ground from the traditional chakki (flour mill).
Not at all...! We grind only after you order. We only package the atta(flour) to facilitate the transportation from Chakki(Flour Mill) to your Doorstep. We also recommend that you unpack the atta once delivered and store it in a traditional container or so.
Well, it is evident that the nutritive value of the atta decreases as the shelf life increases. Thus, even though the atta lasts up to one month from the date of grinding and packaging, it is better to consume it as soon as possible. We recommend you to order frequently so as to benefit the most.
Yes, based on the current market rates, the prices of the products may vary.


You can mail us at: [email protected] or submit your query/complaint via the contact us form in the mobile app. You can also call us at +91 9090 101005