We, at Chakkizza, are determined to spread Health and Employment across India.

On the health front of our mission :

We believe, there is nothing better than Good Health! After all, Health is the only greatest Wealth!

Grains, especially wheat, are the integral part of almost every Indian's Food Routine. And so is the grain-flour or Atta as we call it.

It has been a trend in the modern, busy, fast and stressful days, that we are inclined to packaged food. We all know the health

hazards of packaged food. However, since we do not see  any option to it, we, unwillingly, succumb to it.

We, at Chakkizza, thought of creating a solution for this. So, we are here, re-discovering the age old tradition of Chakki-Grind Atta

blended with technology so as to provide our customers with nutritous, completely natural Atta. This is our contribution to 

your food routine and we hope, it constructs your health to be healthier!

Additionally, we will ensure, with the help of our modern technology, that you never run out of Atta ever again!

On the employment front of our mission :

In the recent days, it has been found that the Atta-Chakki (Flour Mill) Business is becoming obsolete, especially in the cities.

Many of the people, typically from middle class, have been thriving on this business since ages.

However, it is getting completely overruled by the packaged food industry.

So, We, at Chakkizza, are here to empower and extend help, in all possible ways, to the Chakki Owners so as to ensure that this great

traditional profession is re-discovered and re-fuelled to multiply by leaps and bounds. We will provide business to all the interested 

Chakki-walas who will register with us and will ensure that they reap more profits than ever. We will encourage people to enter this

profession and will generate business opportunities for them, thus contributing a little in curbing unemployment. We are confident 

that we will definitely be the catalyst in the growth of Chakki-Grind Atta Business and will be able to stand strong behind the Chakki-walas

to help them establish, grow and expand their business.

With these two primary missions in our mind and good ground values in our heart, we aim to enter the Indian Markets to help, nurture,

nourish and flourish! We harness the cutting edge modern technology to achieve this aim and are a team of promising, young, energetic,

ethical, skilful people who work hard, days and nights, to strengthen India with good health and employment.

Operational Address: Chakkizza Pvt. Ltd. Ground Floor, Behind Seetai Corner, Off Bangalore-Pune Highway, Bavdhan, Pune - 411021

Contact: +91 9090 1010 05

Email: [email protected]